Cashimashi Casino: First deposit, adding anything between €10 - €200 and doubling your deposit.
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New customers only

Come and join the party at Cashi Mashi and we’ll give you up to a whopping €200 in bonus cash – just for getting started!

Find an ATM. If your bank has an ATM nearby that accepts deposits, that’s the one you’ll want to use. This could help you avoid fees and wait times when you want to get your money after it has been deposited. You might still be able to deposit checks in an ATM if you are in a different part of town or even out of town.

First, make sure that the ATM accepts your kind of bank card and that you can put money in it. Smaller ATMs in places like convenience stores may only give out cash, so look for a place to put money in.

Sometimes, you just have to pick an ATM that is part of your bank’s network. A lot of banks and credit unions are part of the Allpoint Network, which has 55,000 ATMs. This lets people use many of its ATMs to deposit cash or checks.

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