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WELCOME PACKAGE UP TO €1500 + 150 FS. Top up your account and receive bonuses!
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The bonus is only credited to accounts with fully completed profiles. To receive the free spins, the customer's phone number must have been activated by the time they fulfil the bonus wagering requirement. If their phone number has not been activated, the free spins will not be credited to their account. Before making a deposit into their account, customers must agree to receive a casino bonus either on the ‘Account Settings’ page in the My Account section, or directly on the ‘Deposit’ page. If a customer switches between different types of bonuses (having already selected a bonus type), declines bonuses or receives the other type of bonus, they lose the right to participate in the Company's bonus offers for subsequent deposits, including a welcome package and a 50% 10th deposit bonus. Free spins will only be awarded after the deposit bonus has been redeemed and can be used in games as follows:

QuickPay is one of the newer ways to pay that have been added to e-commerce in this century. The company made a name for itself because of the way they do business, which satisfied customers often talk about.

Officially, QuickPay is a company that helps people pay for things…

… kind of like a “bank teller on the Internet,” as they like to say.

Their website says that they offer a professional service, and their track record since December 2004 shows that this is true. The idea for the company came from a few driven tech experts who wanted to solve problems that made it hard for both merchants and customers to pay online.

The company now says…

More than 200,000 payments are processed each month for more than 30,000 customers. But they still want to improve and optimize the user experience instead of just running a business.

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