Vivarobet Casino Review 2022

Vivarobet Casino Review 2022

If you take a quick look at Vivarobet, you’ll see right away that it’s a smart and stylish website. The place as a whole feels good because the colors go well together and there are lots of deals to be had. One thing may not make much sense to people who speak English, though: what’s up with the language? That will be Armenian, since this site is made for gamblers from Armenia, a country in the former Soviet Union. The country of three million people is in the mountainous Caucasus region. There are a lot of football fans there, and many of them like to bet on sports.

Vivarobet Casino Review 2022

If Vivarobet’s cool and stylish style is any indication, Armenian gamblers are very lucky because this is a very high-quality site that looks very nice. In addition to having a well-designed betting site, Vivarobet also runs social channels that have a huge number of followers and are constantly updated. A lot of other betting sites could learn a thing or two from Vivarobet. On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, they run a busy service with lots of interesting promotions and customer service.

Something About Vivarobet Casino

Vivarobet is run by a company called Vivaro Betting LLC. They are registered in Armenia, and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Armenia has given them a license to run a gambling business. This was made when the site was started in 2008. On its About page, Vivarobet says that it is the best betting company in Armenia. This is probably true, since it’s hard to imagine another operator with a better-looking or more detailed site. Vivarobet says that it has more than 30,000 live games every month with detailed animations that let bettors see what’s going on on the pitch.

Vivarobet has customer service that is open 24 hours a day and runs 190 betting shops in Armenia. Because of this, punters can get great customer service by phone, live chat, or email, and they can deposit money with a company they know has a great reputation. People who live in Armenia but don’t speak Armenian can use the site in English or Russian instead.

Banking at Vivarobet Casino

The Armenian currency is called a “dram,” which in English sounds more like a “glass of whisky.” This is a different kind of dram, since the word literally means “money” in English. At Vivarobet, you can deposit money in a number of easy ways, such as with Visa or MasterCard. It also has e-wallets and different ways to transfer money from a bank account that are made for Armenian gamblers. You can choose between idram and ArCa for withdrawals, and there are no fees for withdrawals. The whole thing should be done in just 12 hours.

Sportsbook at Vivarobet Casino

Vivarobet looks like almost every other site in Europe or Asia where you can bet on sports. Even though most people think of Armenia as a country in Europe, Vivarobet is really from Asia. Vivarobet has a lot of football, just like other sportsbooks do. Most people bet on soccer games in Spain and England, but they can also bet on games in their own countries if they want to. There are many different ways to bet, like singles, doubles, triples, and accumulators. There are other sports besides football to keep things interesting.

You can choose from dozens and dozens of countries and bet on up to 50 different sports. This shows that Vivarobet has thought of everything. In the “fantasy sports” section, there is even a place where you can bet on games that are not real. On this site, you can play fantasy football, NBA, NFL, and eSports. There are many different leagues here, and players can use both skill and luck to put together their dream team.

Vivarobet Casino Review 2022


Vivarobet is a great site, but only Armenian gamblers can use it. The most people who could play here is 3 million, which is the same amount of people who live in Armenia. Obviously, the site will only get a small percentage of those people, but based on its social media channels, it has done a good job of becoming the best online sportsbook and casino in the country. Vivarobet has made a great-looking site, even though it is based in a country with less competition than countries with more people.

The sports are great, the video slots are great, and so are the different ways to deposit and withdraw money and the customer service. There is a lot to like about this site and almost nothing wrong with it. Vivarobet is a good thing for the country where it is based. Some of the best game developers in the world, like NetEnt and Microgaming, have made some really beautiful games that you can play on your desktop, tablet, or phone. Sign up and get ready to fall in love with Vivarobet if you speak the language.

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